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Karen Buck MP to Speak at CIEH Housing Conference

4th May 2018

Transport Secretary is Misguided on Dover Port Inspections

16th March 2018

The Transport Secretary's comments on Dover port inspections post-Brexit shows a clear lack of understanding of the issue. Read our view here.

Chief Medical Officer Report Absolves Government of Air Quality Responsibility

5th March 2018

We believe that the Chief Medical Officer's new report absolved central government of responsibility over the vital issue of air quality. Read our view here.

Government Falls Short on Plastic Commitment in Spring Statement

13th March 2018

We respond to the Chancellor's announcement on plastics in the Spring Statement.

Government Must Start Taking Air Quality Seriously

22nd February 2018

Following a third defeat in the courts on its plans to tackle air quality, CIEH has demanded that the Government starts taking the issue seriously.

CIEH Welcomes Select Committee Report on Brexit and UK Food Trade

19th February 2018

The new report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee highlights some of the key challenges facing our food trade and agricultural sector after Brexit.

CIEH Calls on Government to Clarify Ports and Borders Plans

16th February 2018

The Government needs to spell out it's plans for our ports and borders after Brexit to ensure frictionless trade and to secure our food imports. Read our view here.

CIEH Urges Caution on Monthly Bin Collection Plans

7th February 2018

CIEH responds to news that local authorities are considering moving to monthly bin collections.

FSA Must Put Consumers First and Clarify Russell Hume Shutdown

25th January 2018

With the FSA announcing that Russell Hume is under investigation for food safety breaches, CIEH calls for immediate clarity on the situation.

CIEH Praises Government Support for Karen Buck Housing Bill

15th January 2018

The Government has now committed to supporting Karen Buck MP's Private Members Bill on housing, something CIEH has been campaigning strongly for. Read our view here.

Government’s plan for our environment welcome but underwhelming

11th January 2018

In advance of the Government's launch of its 25 Year Plan for the environment, CIEH responds to the news on plastics that have been trailed in the media.

Latte Levy a Vital Step Forward for Plastic Recycling

5th January 2018

We welcome the new report from the Environmental Audit Committee, and support a new tax on disposable coffee cups. Read our view here.

Opportunities as well as Risk for UK Food Standards

5th December 2017

Although Brexit could pose a risk to the UK's food standards, tangible opportunities also lie in the changes to come. Read our view here.

Brexit and Food Crisis Take Central Stage at CIEH Annual Conference

7th December 2017

CIEH have held our flagship annual conference focussing on Brexit and food.

New Report Reveals Need for Update of Housing Safety System

11th December 2017

Mayor’s Plan to Tackle Affordable Housing Raises Environmental Concerns

29th November 2017

The Mayor of London's focus on affordable housing is welcome, but we don't want it to be at the expense of the environment. Read our view here.

Time for Tangible Solutions on the Irish Border

28th November 2017

With Brexit negotiations reaching a critical point, now is the time for all parties to engage constructively on the issue of the Irish border. Read our view here.

Budget a Positive Step Forward for Our Environment

22nd November 2017

Budget 2017 had some good news for the environment. Read our response here.

CIEH Calls on Chancellor to Tax Diesel and Put Environment First in Budget

15th November 2017

Read our view on the steps the Chancellor must take in his Budget to tackle the growing environmental crisis in the UK.

Gove Must Provide Clarity on New Environment Watchdog

13th November 2017

We respond to news that the Government is looking to set up a new environmental watchdog to maintain standards after Brexit.

Mayor’s Affordable Housing Call a Step in the Right Direction

27th October 2017

With the Mayor of London pushing for more affordable homes to be built in the capital, we call on Khan to be ambitious.

Government Guilty of Indefensible use of Tax-payer Money in Air Pollution Battle

24th October 2017

The Government must stop wasting taxpayer money and accept its responsibilities in tackling the air quality crisis. Read our view here.

Mayor’s T Charge a Vital Step to Avoiding Catastrophe

23rd October 2017

Read our view, as we welcome the Mayor of London's new T Charge for high polluting vehicles.

Lion Stamp key to Egg Safety

11th October 2017

New FSA advice on runny eggs has opened up the debate once again on egg safety. Read our view here.

Bags for life must be here to stay, but consumer caution urged

4th October 2017

With new concerns raised over food safety and bags for life, we urge consumers to continue reducing their plastic usage and to stick with the bags.

London on the Brink of a Public Health Emergency

5th October 2017

Air quality in the capital is getting worse, and we stand on the bring of a public health emergency. Read our view here.

Public Right to be Concerned over 2 Sisters Food Group Investigation

29th September 2017

We give our view on the investigation into the food labelling practices of the 2 Sisters Food Group.

CIEH Supports Food Safety Inspectors in Clash with Celebrity Chef

28th September 2017

We back food inspectors in their dispute over chicken liver with celebrity chef, Mark Sargeant. Read our view here.

UK Environmental Health Professionals Playing Vital Role in the Caribbean

28th September 2017

Read how UK Environmental Health Professionals are working in the Caribbean following Hurricanes Irma and Maria

CIEH Urges Caution over Vaping

21st September 2017

With Public Health England launching new adverts promoting vaping as an alternative to smoking, the CIEH urges caution.

No Deal Brexit Could See Food Imports Brought to a Standstill

20th September 2017

A cliff-edge Brexit could have serious implications for UK food imports. Read the CIEH's view here.

CIEH Backs Gove’s Pledge to Maintain Food Standards

14th September 2017

Read the CIEH's response to news that the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove MP, has committed the Government to maintaining food standards after Brexit.

CIEH Supports Sadiq Khan’s Drive for Better Air Quality in the Capital

14th September 2017

Read the CIEH's response as the Mayor of London looks to combat the impact of air pollution on schools and nurseries in the capital.

Government's air quality plans once again shifts burden onto local authorities, says CIEH

26th July 2017

The Government's latest air quality plans has once again unfairly shifted the burden onto local authorities absolving themselves of responsibility, says CIEH.

Rise of takeaways in England puts strain on public health, says CIEH

25th July 2017

According to new figures released by Cambridge University’s Centre for Diet and Activity Research (Cedar), there has been a rise of takeaways in England, putting further strain on public health and NHS services, says CIEH.

CIEH statement on BBC fast-food outlet investigation

20th July 2017

Read CIEH's comments following reports of poor hygiene standards found within fast-food outlets after a BBC investigation.

CIEH reacts to PHE's 'Health Profile for England' report

13th July 2017

People are living longer and while some problems remain, EHPs have an important role in improving people's health and wellbeing

CIEH statement on BBC coffee shop investigation

28th June 2017

Read CIEH's comments following reports of poor hygiene standards within coffee shops after a BBC investigation.

CIEH reacts to Queen Speech 2017

21st June 2017

CIEH's Debbie Wood reacts to the Queens' Speech which was dominated by Brexit but did include a couple of environmental health-related initiatives.

Government's air quality plans unfairly shifts burden on local authorities, says CIEH

15th June 2017

On National Clean Air Day, CIEH criticises the Government's air quality plans for abdicating responsibility shifting the burden onto local authorities.

Agents breaking letting fees ban should receive robust fines, says CIEH

6th June 2017

CIEH has welcomed a complete ban on all letting agents fees as it would remove barriers to tenants, while ensuring standards can improve in the private rented sector. 

USA's Paris Climate Agreement stance disappointing, says CIEH

2nd June 2017

The President's decision to remove the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement is a very sad state of affairs says CIEH.

ClientEarth taking Government to court is the right move, says CIEH

31st May 2017

ClientEarth has decided to take the Government to court for the third time over their air quality plans and CIEH is in total agreement with this course of action.

Conservative manifesto pays more attention to Brexit than environmental health, says CIEH

18th May 2017

While the Conservative manifesto includes some pro-environmental health policies, their clear driver is delivering Brexit over anything else says CIEH.

WHO's air quality mortality figures puts further pressure on Government, says CIEH

18th May 2017

Britain has a mortality rate for air pollution of 25.7 for every 100,000 according to WHO placing further pressure on the Government to address levels of NO2, says CIEH.

CIEH reacts to Liberal Democrats's 2017 manifesto

17th May 2017

Similar to Labour, the Liberal Democrat manifesto promises many pro-Environmental Health policies. The challenge will be to hold the Liberal Democrats to their promises if they get the keys to Number 10.

CIEH reacts to Labour Party manifesto

16th May 2017

The Labour Party manifesto contains some favourable environmental health policies but the real work will begin in the next Parliament to ensure election promises are put into action.

Government's long-awaited Air Quality plans not good enough, says CIEH

5th May 2017

While there are some positive measures in the Government's Air Quality plans, CIEH says they don't go far enough in tackling air pollution.

CIEH launches revamped Environmental Health awards

2nd May 2017

The 'CIEH Excellence Awards' are now open for entries, recognising best practice and the vital contribution EHPs make to protect health and wellbeing .

CIEH welcomes court's order to see Air Quality plans in May

28th April 2017

The courts have rejected the Government's appeal to delay producing the much-awaited Air Quality plan, much to the satisfaction of CIEH.

CIEH reacts to Air Quality statistics

27th April 2017

The latest Air Quality statistics may show a recent reduction of pollution levels in urban areas but pollution levels remain high says CIEH

Cuts to Health and Safety inspectors are counter-intuitive says CIEH

26th April 2017

Unite have revealed that the number of Health and Safety inspectors have reduced, leading to CIEH responding that this could be counter-intuitive for UK businesses.

Government tactics to delay Air Quality plans frustrate CIEH

24th April 2017

The Government has applied to the High Court to delay publishing their air quality plans before the snap election on 8 June citing purdah rules much to the CIEH's frustration

CIEH reacts to Spring Budget 2017

8th March 2017

While less tax receipts from the sugar tax is a welcome development, the Chancellor's Budget missed the opportunity to improve the UK's air quality.

Urgent need to improve conditions for renters, says CIEH

2nd March 2017

Following the release of the English Housing Survey, CIEH says there is an urgent need to improve conditions for renters.

CIEH reacts to Housing White paper

7th February 2017

Government's plans to extend tenancy agreements is a step in the right direction, while conditions in the private rented sector need to be fit for purpose.

Rough sleepers in England a travesty says CIEH

26th January 2017

CIEH has said that even one person sleeping on the streets in England is a travesty as DCLG statistics show an increase in the number of rough sleepers.

CIEH says informing consumers risks of acrylamide is valuable

24th January 2017

The issue of acrylamide is nothing new and consumers would be wise to follow the FSA’s simple and effective advice, says CIEH. 

State of air quality in London is extremely worrying, says CIEH

24th January 2017

The state of air pollution in London is a worrying concern and more action needs to be taken now says CIEH.

Lack of housebuilding in England a worrying concern says CIEH

19th January 2017

The National Audit Office has published an overview of the housing market in England and CIEH is concerned about the lack of housebuilding and inability to meet demand.

CIEH comments on European Commission's new health and safety initiative

10th January 2017

The European Commission has published new initiatives to protect workers' health and safety, with CIEH raising concerns for what will happen to the UK in a post-Brexit world.

Proposal for new Environmental Protection Act welcomed by CIEH

9th January 2017

Following the publication of the Environmental Audit Committee’s report into the future of the natural environment after the EU Referendum, CIEH welcomes proposals for a new Environmental Protection Act.

CIEH welcomes Government affordable housing expansion

5th January 2017

CIEH welcomes the Government’s proposals to expand the affordable housing programme to help reduce pressure on the private rented sector.

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