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Role of the Chair and Secretary

The establishment of a chair and secretary is required for regions and SIGs, and all members of the management board must be members of CIEH. The roles discussed here are the voluntary or honorary roles undertaken by members. The region and SIG operational procedures set out the roles, functions and responsibilities of the volunteers.

The constitution for the region (including branches/subgroups) and SIG needs to be kept up to date and placed on the region/SIG web page:

These templates are for authorised use only by our volunteer members as part of our membership network. 

The following are general functions for these roles:


  • Leadership for the region/SIG;
  • Chairing management board and other relevant meetings including members forum;
  • Representing region/SIG at national CIEH meetings (currently two per year);
  • Leading the direction of the business plan and working with the treasurer and secretary to keep on track and within budget.


  • Organising and supporting board meetings including agenda, minutes/notes and action plans;
  • Preparing the annual report and business plan;
  • Organising CPD and events programme;
  • Issuing consultation documents and collating responses;
  • Liaison and communication with HQ, regional/SIG management board and members;
  • Representing the region/SIG at CIEH HQ meetings (currently two per year);
  • Ensuring the region/SIG website content is up to date;
  • Continuity of constitution;
  • Key point of contact for members.

Note: As these can be substantial responsibilities many secretaries seek the assistance of volunteers to do:

  • Minutes/ notes and organise board meetings;
  • Organise CPD events;
  • Communications including website.

Paid contractor

The following guidance document contains all the information you will need to set up and manage a Network contract.

In some Regions and SIGs, all or some of these functions are delivered by a paid contractor but the Secretary still has overall responsibility. All personnel contracts are subject to HQ delegated authority and must be countersigned by CIEH Executive Management. Send in your completed and signed contract to Sharon Smith at Chadwick Court by post or email (

Chair and Secretary meetings

The regions, branches and SIGs have the opportunity to meet together at least twice a year.

Chairs and Secretaries LinkedIn group

Search for LinkedIn Chairs and Secretaries group on LinkedIn. This is a closed group and you must request to join. We will approve you as a part of the volunteer network and you will automatically receive information and updates posted through this group.

Annual reports and business planning

Each year we ask you to complete a retrospective report on your achievements and activity as well as collating the information on CPD activity which forms part of the funding formula. It is important at this time to consider your plans for the forthcoming year and ensure that you are aligned with priorities, consider your members needs and that your plans are financially viable within your budget.

These templates are for authorised use only by our volunteer members as part of our membership network. 

Finding out about your members

Profiles - we can provide you with information about the membership profile in your area. If you would like this information please contact Regional Stakeholder Manager

Survey service - we can provide you with the opportunity to survey your members using an online survey tool. If you wish to use this service please contact Regional Stakeholder Manager to discuss this further.

Your views

Every year we give you a chance as volunteers to give us feedback on the support we provide you within the network. We call this the network culture survey.

Environmental assessment

Ensuring our network operates in an environmentally sustainable way is important to us and is part of the overall environmental sustainability policy. We ask all regions, branches and SIGs to actively consider your contributions to this through completing the environmental impact assessment.

These templates are for authorised use only by our volunteer members as part of our membership network. 

Other policies and procedures

The following policies and plans help shape the network contribution to our policies:

Other templates

These templates are for authorised use only by our volunteer members as part of our membership network. 

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